MISSION: Community


MISSION:Community is an initiative within Baird & Warner’s Northwest Suburban office to demonstrate our commitment to our local communities.  The objective is to provide an ongoing program of goodwill and support to both residents and local organizations.  


While the way we interact with each other has changed significantly over the last few months, our commitment to serving our community has never been stronger.  Using creativity and teamwork we want to build an atmosphere of serving others with joy and gratitude.


We all take pride in being part of something bigger and realize we can have a much bigger impact when we work together throughout our network of community connections.


Our “4th of July Parade Reimagined” will be the kickoff to the program. In the spirit of the holiday, we have planned a drive-through experience allowing residents to enjoy some of the traditional sights, sounds, & treats from the safety of their car.  We will honor special guests including veterans and health care workers from NWCH and encourage those attending to give a wave or honk of gratitude to them.  While we can’t replace all the social interactions & experiences lost by not having summer celebrations & festivals, we hope this will be a bright spot of joy & a new special memory for all involved. 


Baird & Warner has had an ongoing mission of goodwill throughout it’s 165-year history. Our company was there during the Great Depression to help make arrangements between Chicago building owners & people who had lost jobs with no means of paying rent.  John Baird fought for anti-discrimination laws, and in 2002 the Good Will Network was created that to date has donated more than $2.4 million dollars and thousands of volunteer hours to Chicagoland nonprofits with a focus on sheltering women and children.


Contact your local Northwest Suburban agent to be included on future announcements of events & support programs.